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What's included: 

  • 10 AM to 11 AM: Goodwill has EXCLUSIVE early access to Coaster Alley

  • 12 PM to 3 PM: Chuckwagon All-you-can-eat BBQ buffet meal at the Picnic Pavilions. 

  • Enjoy both sides of the park all day: 

    • Silverwood Theme Park Hours: 11-9 PM​

    • Boulder Beach Waterpark Hours: 11-7 PM

Ticket Information: 

  • Team Member ticket: (1) ​​One free ticket per Goodwill team member and program participant. Volunteers of America (VOA) team members who work at Goodwill are included. 

  • Family tickets: Up to (3) three tickets at 1/2 off for immediate family/household members only. Goodwill will cover the cost of the BBQ meal for the team member and up to (3) three immediate family members.

    • Ages 8 to 64 Adult ticket(s): $21

    • Ages 65+ Senior ticket(s): $14.50

    • Ages 3 to 7 Kid's ticket(s): $14.50

  • Payment: Team members can use credit/debit or payroll deduction to pay for up to (3) three 1/2 price tickets. You must pay with Accounting by May 19th or your tickets will not be purchased. ​

    • Payment hours with Accounting, Monday through Friday:

      • 9 AM to 11 AM​

      • 2 PM to 4 PM

    • Phone number: (509) 444-4308​ or extension 4232.

  • Date & Refunds: Tickets may only be used for the Goodwill event on the 25th and cannot be provided to attend the park on another day. There will be no refunds for 1/2 price Goodwill tickets. If you can't make it, please find another team member who can go.

  • How do I get my ticket(s)? Tickets will be distributed directly to team members prior to the event. Will call tickets are not available.

  • Need more then (3) three extra tickets? Regular tickets, at full price, are available to purchase through Silverwood here or at the main gate. These tickets do not qualify for the meal covered by Goodwill. You will need to purchase extra meal bands for these tickets. Please do not call Silverwood about this event. They are not responsible for Goodwill tickets or registration.

What's not included:

  • All day parking. Parking is $10 per vehicle. If you are a Silverwood Season Pass Holder, your parking is free!

  • Locker rental. Lockers cost $10 and can be purchased with cash or a credit card only. The cash bands cannot pay for locker rentals.  

  • Cash Band (Waterproof Wristband.) Silverwood is now cashless, meaning they only accept credit, debit, Apple pay, and Google pay. 

  • Wheelchair or stroller rental.  

  • Cabana rental.

  • Extra drink packages: Pepsi drink band ($4.99), refillable sports bottle ($9.99), beer or wine by the glass. Purchased at Silverwood. 

  • Food, other then the group buffet, at dining locations around Silverwood or Boulder Beach. 

  • Carnival games. 

  • Silverwood merchandise. 

  • Silverwood RV Park. 

  • Boulder Beach rental tubes & life vests. Boulder Beach provides some tubes and life vests free of charge for use on the Lazy River and Rumble Falls. Available first-come, first served. 

Park Map, Rules, & Accessibility: Please read the park rules before you register and again before the event. You can find the park map here. Click here for the Silverwood Accessibility guide.     

Travel Information:

  • If you are traveling from any of these locations and the cost of gas is a barrier for you to attend the event, please notify your supervisor: Colville, East Wenatchee, Moses Lake, Moscow, Lewiston. Supervisors will provide a list to Marketing.

    • Assistance may be provided in the form of gas cards.

  • Goodwill is not able to assist with any lodging expenses.

  • We recommend car pooling if/when possible. 

Store Decisions:

  • Decisions to close a store early or close completely will be made by Operations leadership.

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Team Member Event 2023: Silverwood

Sunday, June 25, 2023

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Teresa Beck, Projects and Event Coordinator

(509) 319-3561

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