QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Area Three: Picture Frames


You found the third activity!

  1. Find your favorite work of art, mirror, or picture frame. 

  2. Snap a picture of you holding the item, or the art/mirror/picture from on the shelf. Have fun with your picture!

  3. Share the picture/video/or story on social media and tag us: 

    1. Instagram: @Goodwill_inw​

    2. Facebook: @INWGoodwill 

    3. Twitter: @GoodwillINW

    4. TikTok: @goodwillinw



Next clue/area to head to:

Your cart is full, it's time to make decisions, but you're not sure if that perfect pair of jeans you found will fit. Where are you heading next? 


Hint: You can find this area next to the registers.    

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No purchase necessary.

Friday, July 22nd through Saturday, July 23rd.

Activity only at NW BLVD Goodwill store during Good Neighbor Days.